YAFE 4.0 creates a cyber-physical space of your total manufacturing process

With the utilization of IIoT, cloud computing, communication hardware,networking, software and sensors; every machine, man and process are interconnected towards the one company goal. yafe 4.0 is a stop solution towards yours industry 4.0 conversion.

The major legs of YAFE 4.0 are

  • Connected Manufacturing
  • Traceability
  • Analytics

By the forth coming illustrations you will understand how YAFE 4.0 can revolutionize your way of manufacturing to become the front runner in market

How connected manufacturing makes a difference?


Why YAFE 4.0 ?

Operation Cost to Optimum Cost

  • Reduced breakdown by predictive maintenance
  • Higher operating speed enabled by connected manufacturing
  • Minimizes expansion and labors
  • Ask production’ reducing the inventory cost
YAFE 4.03

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